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What label options do you offer?

We offer both print and cut labels. Our cut labels are labels that are cut out of vinyl, meaning when they are applied they have no background. These are our most popular option for home organisation style labels

Our print labels on the other hand are designed and printed by us using our commercial vinyl printer. They are suitable for all applications and are a great option for small business looking for product labelling and branding

How are your labels made?

All of our labels are made by us! We use a professional vinyl cutter and professional vinyl printer.

As we manufacture all of our own labels, this means that everything can be customised and made to suit your needs. 

Do you ship overseas?

Yes - We do, however due to Covid-19 we have suspended overseas shipping at this time. 


What are your labels made of?

Our labels are made of premium grade, quality vinyl. 

Each label is individually cut and prepared for your application. They are not words printed onto a transparent label (see our printed labels for this option), but rather the label is the words themselves. 

How long will the labels last?

If cared for properly, the labels can last up to 8 years. 

What surfaces can the label be applied to?

Vinyl will stick to most smooth surfaces including, glass, plastic, tiles, plastered walls. They are perfect for all of your storage solutions. 

The labels however will not stick to fabric or a textured surface. They do need a flat, smooth surface for the best adhesion. 

How do I know which size to order?

Each of our products contains information regarding sizing in the description. Simply measure the surface you intend to apply the label and compare this against the sizing in the description.

For general sizing, our pantry label range consists of three sizes:

- Herb and Spice Labels - Our small labels measuring approximately 3-8cm long and 1-2cm high.

- Pantry Labels - Our medium size label measuring approximately 4-10cm long and 2-2.5cm high.

- Pantry Storage Labels - Our large size label measuring approximately 6-14cm long and 2.5-3cm high. 

The height remains consistent across all of the labels you order (in each size) however the length will vary depending upon the font and wording you choose.

If you are unsure of sizing and would like to see how the label will look on your containers, send us the measurements of your jars/containers and we can prepare a proof for you.

How do I apply the label?

Each order comes with easy application instructions outlining exactly how to apply the label. 

Can the label be removed?

Yes. Simply peel off the label if you would like to remove it.

Once removed however, that label cannot be reused. 

How do I care for the labels?

Whilst waterproof, to ensure the longevity of your new labels, you should not put any item that they are adhered to in the dishwasher. 

Instead, handwash the items in warm, soapy water. 


What material can I apply them to?

The heat transfer labels work best on cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends, however they will appy to most materials.

The first thing to do is to check the fabric type and whether it can withstand a high heat for a prolonged period of time. The application process requires you to hold the iron in place for approximately 10-20 seconds (or longer for some materials). If the fabric cannot withstand heat for this long and burns, the labels may not work for this material type.

For example, some of the cube type storage e.g. Kmart Cubes, will burn easily under high heat and are not suitable. 

Can I apply them with an iron?

Yes. Our heat transfer labels are able to be applied at home using your standard iron. 

For small labels, you can even use a hair straightener! 

Are they easy to apply?

Yes - All labels are sent with complete application and care instructions. 

Do they wash off?

No - With proper application, they will last for a very long time. 


How do I stick them on?

With the no hole tag option, you can stick them on your baskets using:

- Hot glue

- Velcro Strips

Otherwise, the tag options with the hole can be tied on with ribbon or string of your choice. 

Can I peel the plastic from the tags?

Yes - This is purely a protective plastic. If you ask us to apply the labels to your tags one side will still contain the plastic cover. We do not remove this as it offers additional protection in postage. 



Can your labels be customised?

Yes, absolutely. If you wish to change the wording of a label, please leave a message in the Note to Seller section at the time of ordering. For example, we can change the wording from "All Purpose Cleaner" to "Multi-Purpose Cleaner." 

I know what I would like but I can't see anything similar listed. Can you create it?

If you have an idea, let us know! 


Do you offer other colours?

Yes! We have many colours available that are not listed on our store. If you want a certain colour label, please let us know.

Do you offer any other fonts?

Yes! We have hundreds of fonts (both free and premium) in our collection. 

We have too many fonts to offer them all on our store, as such, if you have your heart set on a certain font, please let us know and we will see if we have it available. 

You will also find in our store that there are various items on offer that are sold in only a certain font or colour. 

Can I order labels in mixed colours and/or fonts?

Yes - please leave a message in the Note to Seller outlining the colour/font and selections you would like.