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Use By / Best Before Labels
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30 x Labels per pack

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Keep track of the use by dates of your pantry products with our Use By Date Labels.

Pack of 30 x Labels.

How to use

Write the use by date on the label using a thin permanent marker and place them on a flat area of your jar or canister.

We recommend permanent marker as a whiteboard marker will be easily removed during handling and other styles of pens may not work on the vinyl or smudge. 

Are they reusable?

They are not an erasable style of vinyl, however you may be able to carefully remove the permanent marker using isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) depending upon your marker. 

Otherwise, peel the label off and replace with a new label.


1.2cm height x 3cm width.

30 x Labels per pack. 


White label with black ink. 

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