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Individual toy room labels


Please select the size from the drop down menu.

Small - 1.5cm tall - Approximately 4-8cm long.

Medium - 2cm tall - Approximately 4 - 12cm long

Large - 3cm tall - Approximately 16+ long

Please measure your containers before ordering. 

If you are unsure which option to select, please send us a message with the size of your containers and whether they are round or square.

* Length and height of label will vary depending upon the font selected and the word length. 

* Listing with two or more words may be split over two lines - Please specifiy if you do or do not want this to occur.


Please provide the wording for your labels in the Note to Seller section. 

When listing your labels, please:

- Separate each label with a comma or number your labels. 

- Use the capitalisation that you would like on the label i.e. first letter capitalised. Your labels will be provided as you set them out. 

- Check your spelling. 


Please select from the dropdown menu.

* Font Five shown in images.


Please select from the dropdown menu.

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