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Printed Pantry Labels - Custom Labels - Transparent Rectangle

Custom Printed Labels

In stock

Our pre-printed pantry label packs include a large number of common pantry labels. However if you need to add some extra labels to the packs to suit your needs or otherwise prefer to build your own pack, you can!

Using the pink plus (+) and minus (-) buttons below, select the quanity of labels you need and list them in the Labels box. 

About: The printed labels are printed onto premium transparent vinyl. They have a rectangle background around each word. If you want vinyl lettering only, we have a separate listing for those labels.

Size: Rectangle measures approximately 6.5cm wide x 4cm high. 


Labels are waterproof, however NOT dishwasher safe. We recommend handwashing only.


Simply peel and stick the label on your jar and run a credit card (or similar) over to ensure a smooth application and remove any air bubbles. 

* Two word labels are split over two lines as pictured. 

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