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Personalised Lunch Box Labels
In stock

These labels are great for personalising your child's lunch box.

Available in your size, font and colour of choice. 


Small - Approx 1.5cm tall and max 7cm long. These are the same size as our spice labels.

Medium - Approx 2cm tall and max 10cm long. These are the same size as our pantry labels.

Large - Approx 3cm tall and max 13cm long.

X-Large - Approx 4cm tall and max 16cm long.

XX-Large - Approx 5cm tall and max 18cm long.

* Actual length of the label will depend upon the name and font selected. 

* If you are unsure with sizing, please send us a message/email or place the dimensions of the lunch box in the Note to Seller and we will ensure the label is sized to fit. 

* Displayed labels Alexie, Adeline and Luca are XX-Large.


* Labels are water resistant.

* NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand wash only.

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