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Pantry Storage Labels

The Large label in our Pantry Labels range.

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Our food storage labels are perfect for your larger pantry (or other areas!) storage containers.

These labels are the 'large' labels in our Pantry range. If you require a smaller label, see our pantry and spice label listings. 


Please provide the wording for your labels in the Note to Seller section. 

When listing your labels, please:

- Separate each label with a comma or number your labels. 

- Use the capitalisation that you would like i.e. first letter capitalised. Your labels will be provided as you set them out. 

- Check your spelling. 


The labels are approximately:

- 2.5 - 3cm high for single lines and 5-6cm high for double lines; and 

- 8 - 14cm long, depending upon the length of the word. 

If you are after a certain size, please include your requirements in the Note to Seller section.

Please measure your containers before ordering. 

* The above sizes are estimates only and the actual size will vary based on font and wording.

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