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Oil & Vinegar Bottle Labels
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These labels will create a whole new look for your vinegar and oil bottles - Whether you have purchased bottles or are repurposing your store bought bottles! 



Words measure approx 2.5-3.5cm high. 

Label can be customised to suit bottle. If you require a different size, please include the size in the Note to Seller.

* Bottle displayed is 500mL.

*NOTE - When measuring your bottle only measure the area where the label will be applied (i.e the rectangular face of the bottle). DO NOT include the top section of the bottle. Many online dimensions are for the entire height of the bottle. If you rely on these dimensions, your label will be too long and will not fit on the face of the bottle. To be certain, you should manually measure the face yourself to ensure the dimensions are accurate. 


Please include your chosen labels in the Note to Seller. The actual size of the words will vary depending upon the font selection. The border however will remain a consistent size.

When listing your labels, please:

- List each label on a separate line i.e. press enter between each label. Please do not use commas or full stops.

- Ensure that the punctuation and capitalisation is entered as you would like it on your label. 

- Check your spelling. 


Labels are waterproof however are NOT dishwasher safe.

Handwash only. 

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