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Herb and Spice / Small Size Labels
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Your choice of herb and spice labels.


Single label, 6 pack, 12 pack, 24 pack, 36 pack, 48 pack


Please list your chosen words in the 'Note to Seller.'

Please type labels as you want them to be provided i.e with all capitalisation and punctuation. Unless stated otherwise, the first letter will be a capital 


Each label is approximately 4-7cm long. Actual length will depend upon word and font selected.

If you know the dimensions of your jar, please include them in the Note to Seller. 

Labels with 2 or more words will be split over two lines e.g. Sesame Seeds etc. 

* If you intend on running your labels vertically and do not wish to have them (or any particular label in your list) split over two lines, please include this in the Note to Seller. 

Labels will be made with a capital letter for each word (except for Font 5 which does not contain capitals). If you do not wish for this to occur, please leave a note in the Note to Seller. 


Due to small label size, not all font options are available. Please select from the dropdown menu.


* Check your spelling. We will fix obvious errors where we can, but please check your order before proceeding. 

 * Maximum of 3 words per label. 

* Labels with 2 or more words will be split over 2-3 lines. 

* First letter of each word will be capitalised unless otherwise stated in the Note to Seller. 

* The above sizes are estimates only and the actual size will vary based on font and wording.

* If you require more than one colour in an order, include a heading for the colour in Note to Seller and list the labels for that colour under each heading. 

* Some fonts are naturally bigger than others, including Font 1, Font 14, Font 15 and Font 16. We generally adapt the sizing, however note that they may appear larger than expected. 

* Please check your container sizing BEFORE placing an order. 

* Labels will fit on small Kmart canisters.

* Labels will generally not fit on jar lids. 

* Hand Wash ONLY - Whilst our labels have been through the dishwasher without any issue, each dishwasher is different so we recommend hand washing only to prolong the life of your beautiful new labels! 


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