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SALE Whiteboard - Erasable Labels - 3 x Sizes

3 x sizes to choose from

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If the contents of your containers are frequently changing, then these are the labels for you! 

Simply apply a label on your jar or or container and write down the contents, date etc using either a whiteboard or permanent marker. 

Made from professional grade whiteboard material. 


Rounded edge rectangle.


SMALL - Measures 5cm wide x 4cm high. 

MEDIUM - Measures 7.5cm wide x 5cm high.

LARGE - Measures 10cm wide x 6cm high. 

Recommended Use:

We recommend using these labels on square or rectangle containers with a flat surface as the material is thicker and less workable than regular vinyl, meaning it may not apply smoothly on curved edges. 

How to use:

Write using a whiteboard marker and wipe away with a tissue or soft cloth. 

For a longer lasting result, use a permanent marker and remove using rubbing alcohol.


Not dishwasher safe. We strongly recommend handwashing only. 

* Made from premium quality whiteboard vinyl


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