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Clear Weekly Planner - 30 x 60cm Portrait

30cm wide x 60cm tall

In stock

Organise your life with our Acrylic Weekly Planner.

Wall mountable 300 x 600mm.

Simply write on the planner using a liquid chalk pen. 

When you are ready to remove the markings, simply wipe with a damp cloth. 

Monday to Friday Layout including Notes section.


- Planner

- Wall mounts and plugs

- Instructions

Wall mounting

This planner is designed to be mounted to a wall. If for any reason you do not want this, please leave a note below and we will not drill holes. 

Vinyl or Printed Layout

You have the option to have your planner with either a VINYL layout or a PRINTED layout. 

Both are placed or printed on the back of the acrylic which results in a smooth writing surface. 

The difference between the options is that a Vinyl layout, if interferred with, may peel over time, whereas a printed layout will not. With proper care, a vinyl layout will last approximately 9 years or longer. 



Measures: 300 x 600mm

Made from 4.5mm clear acrylic.

Vinyl or Printed layout.

The layout is placed on the back of the planner leaving the front of the planner as a smooth writing surface. 



Wall mountable. 

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